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#Lync Powershell Cheat Sheet

Posted by chrisbeams on February 16, 2011

From the powergui guys

looks pretty useful and Lync seems to be very popular at the moment.


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PowerGUI Visual Studio is now in beta

Posted by chrisbeams on June 21, 2010

This looks pretty cool, taken from Poshoholic »

Due to popular demand, Adam Driscoll has just released Beta 1 of his PowerGUI Visual Studio (aka PowerGUI VSX) project!

If you missed my blog about this last week and don’t know what this product is, it’s an extension for Visual Studio that adds PowerGUI’s editor with Intellisense, syntax highlighting and snippets for PowerShell script files to Visual Studio!  This can make it much easier to create PowerShell scripts or modules if you’re already working inside Visual Studio.

You can learn all about this great project and download the beta release by going to the PowerGUI VSX page on CodePlex now!

This project requires that the following prerequisites be installed first:

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PowerShell – Create Server Account in Specific OU

Posted by chrisbeams on March 13, 2010

Another easy one

New-ADComputer -Name “LDNSRV1” -Path “OU=Servers,DC=W2K8R2,DC=NET” -enabled $True

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PowerShell – Create OU

Posted by chrisbeams on March 13, 2010

So starting to try and use PowerShell… the AD CmdLets that come with Windows 2008 R2 look pretty good.

new-ADOrganizationalUnit “Workstations”

Simple as that 🙂

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PowerShell – protect objects from accidental deletion

Posted by chrisbeams on March 10, 2010

Using PowerShell V2 and the new AD Cmdlets

in the below example on an OU

Get-ADOrganizationalUnit  -filter * | Set-ADOrganizationalUnit -ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion $true

and to do the reverse to one OU

Set-ADOrganizationalUnit “OU=London,DC=W2K8R2,DC=NET -ProtectedFromAccidentalDeletion $False

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PowerShell V2 out

Posted by chrisbeams on November 9, 2009

Somehow missed this one, but spotted it on Jorge’s Blog

PowerShell V2 released for all Operating Systems… so time for me to start looking at the Active Directory cmdlets.

As Jorge mentiongs  “If you are having a hard time finding those, that’s because it is in included in the Windows Management Framework.”

Windows Management Framework Core (WinRM 2.0 and Windows PowerShell 2.0)



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