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Retiring Oclist.exe

Posted by chrisbeams on October 29, 2010

From the server core blog

For those of you that used Server Core in Windows Server 2008 you may be familiar with the Oclist.exe tool. This tool was included in Server Core to provide a way to obtain a list of roles and features on Server Core and their installation state. In Windows Server 2008 R2 a new tool, Dism.exe, was introduced for adding/removing roles and features and included the capability to provide the list of roles and features as well as installation state by running:

Dism /online /get-features /format:table

In the Server Core documentation we changed to using Dism.exe for Windows Server 2008 R2. Because Dism.exe is an integrated command line tool for all tasks related to optional roles and features and provides additional formating options for its output, in the next release we are planning to remove Oclist.exe from Server Core.

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