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You do not have permission to modify the group

Posted by chrisbeams on May 8, 2010

Seen this one a few times, seems to be a bug in the windows 2008r2 tools, you get it when you attempt to add to a group you dont have permission on.. looks like japanese characters

9 Responses to “You do not have permission to modify the group”

  1. Klaus said

    Yes, got the same. Strange that there’s still nothing from M$ about it.
    At least I’m not alone…


  2. cjwdev said

    haha weird, I’ve never seen that… but at least if I do now I’ll know not to worry too much about it 🙂

  3. Sanny said

    I’m getting the same error. Have you confirmed that this is a bug? Or have you found a fix to this?

  4. jason gee said

    I am having the same issue and I have not had any success. In addition, I have a user that appears to have the same configuration, and they are able to modify or add users to distribution groups.

    In Active Direct, I have taken a known user who works, but i am not able to get new users the ability to modify Member group permissions.

    This is very odd – have you had any luck with Technet site?

  5. Alexis said

    I too have this issue… anyone got an update?

  6. iVin said

    any updates on this?? any workarounds?

  7. Frank said

    Is there anyone with a update on this issue?

  8. […] You do not have permission to modify the group […]

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