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REPLMON on 64bit/ Windows 2008 … where is it?

Posted by chrisbeams on July 6, 2009

Have to admit I was suprised when I found out that there would be no 64bit Replmon and Windows 2008 Version.  This article from the DS Team explains how repadmin can be far more powerful then Replmon. I can understand that but sometimes a GUI is a real time saver….

Getting Over Replmon


One Response to “REPLMON on 64bit/ Windows 2008 … where is it?”

  1. Iftikhar said

    Replmon in Windows 2008 R2

    Step 1: Download Windows 2003 SP1 Support Tools from the below link.

    Step 2: Copy the downloaded file in DC 2008 R2 and run the setup.
    Step 3: Select “Run Program”.

    Step 4: Click next.
    Step 5: Select radio button “I Agree” on End User License Agreement window and click next and then on install now button.
    Now you can run “Replmon” tool and take its benefits.
    While installing support tool, path in the Environmental Variable, set with the precedence of “Program files (x86)\Support Tools.

    That’s lead ambiguity while you try to access or use 2008 support tool like “NETDOM”. It follows the precedence and tries to use netdom of 2003 support tool, which doesn’t run in 2008 and gives the below error.

    However you can use by while change a path, but every time you have to do this.
    To avoid this there is a need to change the precedence in environment variable.
    Cut the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Support Tools\;” from the Path and Past it after “%SystemRoot%\system32;”
    So, the final path will be like “%SystemRoot%\system32; C:\Program Files (x86)\Support Tools\;………”
    Now you can use Replmon and netdom without any special step.

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